15 what is forex arbitrageWhat is Forex arbitrage? Triangular arbitrage or trilateral arbitrage on Forex is a widespread practice that is applied in the financial market. This strategy implies a systematic approach, since even the slightest deviation can provoke this strategy to go beyond its limits.

This is how, for example, you would use a certain trading strategy, entering the growing bull market Forex, and then you saw that the market would fall, and you took the same strategy only for the bear market. Such an approach on the currency exchange does not work and every market trend needs to be approached individually.


The main benefits that any trader will receive when using the strategy of triangular arbitrage on Forex will be:

  • Great profit with significant investments.
  • The accepted risk is at the lowest possible level.
  • Lack of big problems when investing funds.
  • The strategy can be adapted to uncertain situations.
  • When market situations are considered uncertain, it is recommended to invest for a shorter period of time. This gives investors a chance to earn even in such conditions.


You do not need to have a million dollars or accounts from several currency brokers. You can earn money using the statistical Forex arbitrage strategy, when trading mini and micro lots with just one trading account.

The strategy of statistical arbitrage on Forex or trade in pairs, or convergent trade, or Forex spread trading, is based on statistics and on the law of rotation. You need to find two historically interconnected currency pairs using a currency correlation calculator.

When the correlation of two currency pairs deviates from a certain value or falls below its value, you need to buy the weakest currency pair and sell the strongest currency pair. When the law of rotation takes effect, the number of pips from these two trades will be positive.

Tip: when the price of one currency decreases and the other increases, the trader can get significant benefits from investing funds. To date, the Forex market has become a very profitable business, but this requires knowledge of trade tricks and moderate rules. The rules are known as moderate because they are not sharp and fast. They can vary from one period to another.

There is also the possibility that you will get a positive experience from using one approach, which will not bring benefits next time. Use statistics in trading on Forex and try to develop a strategy in order to adapt to any market conditions.


If you decide to trade on the basis of statistical arbitrage on Forex, then you need to go through website This will help to avoid losses. Always watch for currency correlation - then your earnings will not leave you waiting!